Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Miss You Behind-The-Scenes

Most of the korean dramas I watch involves a love triangle. And almost all of them, I always root for the leading man. But there are few instances when I also fall for the second guy. The korean drama, I Miss You, is one particular example. Although the writers have made him a bad guy towards the end of this series, I still like Harry played by Yoo Seung Ho. There's something in him that makes me wanna hug him when he cries! :) Too bad he's leaving for military after this series. How come celebrity males tend to leave showbiz when I start to like them? Anyway, this is one particular behind-the-scenes clip is so cute. I'm as thrilled as Kim So-Hyun when she finally gets to have a picture taken with Yoo Seung Ho. I can't believe she's so tickled pink even if she's already an actress too. :)

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