Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Boys Over Flowers MALAPIT NA!!!!!

I was so thrilled last night when the long version of the Boys Over Flowers teaser was shown in ABS-CBN's SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon). They included a lot of memorable scenes like the skating rink date scene of Jun Pyo and Jandi. I loved the fact that the production staff stuck with the original names of the characters. Unlike in other series where they changed it to more familiar names like Jasmine and Julian of My Girl. They also didn't change the soundtrack. Hopefully, they won't surprise the viewers by changing the original songs to pinoy songs (just to promote a specific singer...ahem! ahem!). Don't misunderstand me. I like OPM (Original Pinoy Music)...but I just prefer sticking to the original soundtrack. And lastly, I have to comment about the voices of the dubbers.... I DON'T LIKE IT! ha!ha! Anyway, probably change my mind once I start watching it next week. (It's on MAY 11 already guys!!!! yahooo!!!!)Hayyy...I can't wait. I'll probably start falling in love with MinHo..i mean JunPyo all over again!!!!!!

Here's a teaser from ABS-CBN...I can't find the long version in youtube but this will do for now! MALAPIT NA!!!!! :)

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