Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lee Dong Wook in Military Uniform!

Weeehhhhh!!!! Oppa Wookie in military uniform. He's really super cute!!!!!!! Again, the smiling face....At least I know he's I'll guess I should be happy too! Aja! Aja! Fighting Dong-Wook shiii!

credit: newsen/soompi


jei said...

yeah, looking at his face, i can feel that he's happy joining the military service. knowing just that, i'm not worried anymore. wookie will be alright and he will do good in there.

miss you wookie! love you!

Anonymous said...

Is Lee dong wook staying in military camp for training the next two years? Is that mandatory practice in Korea?

supermunchee said...

Yes, it's mandatory. They say they are allowed a couple of days off too so that they can spend some time with their family. But they are not allowed to appear on TV or movies while in training. It's a big deal in Korea and it's like treason if you don't enter the military.

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