Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lee Dong Wook and his Mickey Mouse

I've been a fan of Lee Dong Wook since 2006 but I've never once read about him liking Disney characters. I know he likes to read Manga a lot but Mickey Mouse??? Lee Dong Wook was seen lately carrying a backpack with a Mickey Mouse keychain at Incheon Airport on his way to Paris. So what's the big deal about it? Well I found out that Kim Sun Ah apparently likes Mickey Mouse! This is well known to her fans so whenever they give her gifts, they usually send her Mickey Mouse items. Is it just pure coincidence that Oppa Wookie suddenly fancies this cartoon character? I DON'T THINK SO! Admit it Oppa! You really like Sun Ah! Was the keychain given by Sun Ah??????? hahaha

Oppa Wookie even posted a picture of him on his bed with the Mickey Mouse keychain! OMG! Are you sending a secret message to Sun Ah? Are you telling us that you can't get your mind off Sun Ah even in Paris??? haha

Dong Wook @ me2day: “Bonjour! I’m saying good morning to everyone with this Mickey. A Selca on the bed! Hahahaha. Due to jet lag I’m all awake here; can’t sleep even though I wish to. I got bored while awake and surfed on internet, searching for scandal news with this Mickey! Hoho I have always loved manga and games. A LOT!”

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