Thursday, April 15, 2010

World Date With Kim Beom

I just found out that KBS WORLD launched a contest called " World Date With Kim Beom" as part of their 7th anniversary celebration. They were looking for 5 international fans from Asia who will get a chance to have a date with hallyu star, Kim Beom of Boys Over Flowers. The lucky winners will get to stay in Korea (Seoul and Jeju Island) from April 17 to 23.

I thought Kim Beom fans should have equal chances of being picked by KBS World. But I was surprised when KBS World tweeted that ABS-CBN recommended TV host, Bianca Gonzales. (How I wish I also have a powerful backer like her!) Did Bianca even join the contest in the first place? Honestly, I was initially a bit pissed off ...but I realized that it's not Lee Min Ho, Jang Geun Suk or Choi Si Won that she'll date... so it's okay...I DON'T CARE! hmmmmp! ha!ha!

DO you think it's fair for Bianca G to win KBS World's contest?


Sansan said...

Do you know what the criteria are for joining the contest? I mean if it's a contest then what's the recommendation for?

chill said...

Basic Points:(criteria)
1. Female, over the age of 20, with Asian citizenship (Not an ethnic Korean) and who can trip abroad without the parents’ consent.
2. Female who can communicate in English.
3. Female who loves Korea and Kim Beom.
4. Female who has a passport and has no disqualification to travel overseas.

Preferential Points:
1. Female who has special talents (Eg> Fashion model, Dancer, Culinarian, Traditional artist, Instrument player, Martial Artist, etc.)
2. Female with high interests in Korean culture (Korean celebrities, dramas, music, etc.)

* I still feel that Bianca is really lucky to have a backer. If you have 2 people with the same qualifications but one has a backer, of course, they will choose that girl. Life can be so unfair sometimes! :(

Anonymous said...

I agree..Did she join the contest? If yes, then congratulations and I'm really happy she won. But if she did not, then it saddens me because all entries were not given a fair chance of winning. Pakiusap na lang ba tayo palagi or resort to pulling strings to get our way just because we can?

sam464 said...

well, that's how it is in showbiz eh... honestly, i didn't feel bad at all... i don.t know, it's just i feel bianca also deserves that... she's intelligent and she really resembles a perfect Filipina beauty... instead of ranting about fairness and equality, i will be proud of what my fellow filipino has done...

jOen said...

agree ako sayo Ms.Sam..! fit na fit c Ms.Bianca bilang representative ng mga Pinayz.. Pero feel ko mas magiging masaya ata kong sinali nila ang buong Pilipinas sa pagpili, sure akong amgkakagulo ang lahat nun.. hehe.. pero i feel proud for Ms.Bianca's prescence in the how at sinabi din naman nya na friend nya daw dapat ang nandun.. tapos di natuloy.. pero basta..! ang cute ng show! :D

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