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Gong Yoo Interviews Lee Dong Wook

I never thought that a day would come when two of my major Korean celebrity crushes, Goo Yoo (of Coffee Prince) and Lee Dong Wook (of My Girl) would meet and be on a show (even if it's just for a radio program) together.

The Korean Military has their own radio program and usually celebrities who enter the military service are the ones chosen to be the DJs. Gong Yoo, after finishing his basic military training, was assigned to be a DJ about one and a half years ago.

Gong Yoo's interview with Lee Dong Wook was said to be last October 13. Of course, the whole interview was in korean but if you want to listen to their voices, here are the following links! :)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

A Korean Yoogal from Baidu translated the interview which was posted by a soompier, Maya@kal.

Here are some interesting tidbits taken from that interview:

1. Wookie joined the PR unit in the army. ( PR unit = Entertainment or Performance Unit.)
2. Wookie just got sick with flu.
3. Wookie found the most taxing task so far was the 30 km walk.
4. Wookie thinks that Yoo is like an older brother to him and that Yoo looks exactly the same as he pictures him to be in person.
5. Yoo read text messages from Wookie fans. Most of the messages were words of encouragement to Wookie to keep it up and that they miss Wookie and will wait for his return.
6. Yoo received an award during his training and he was granted an extra day off on top of his normal leave. Wookie also received an award during his training.
7. Wookie's fans wrote letters to his mates in the training centre.
8. Wookie's nickname at his fans club is Captain. Yoo is glad to see the close ties of Wookie with his fans.
9. Yoo mentioned that Wookie might be his successor after he leaves the military service this December.

Additional translations were also posted by mwkaren @

1. Wookie said that after his 5 weeks of basic military training, he immediately reported to the Korea Defense Media Agency. It was the first time for him to be interviewed after his enlistment and that he was nervous.
2. Wookie's mother and sister visited him the week before. He told his sister that he missed Coke and choco pies so his sister brought him some during her visit.
3. Yoo commented that Wookie looks thin and his eyes were already sunken. (Poor Wookie!!! Military life seems so tiring and stressful!)
4. Wookie said that he already lost 3 kg. However, due to the intensive training, he now has better appetite and he finds the military food quite nice.
5. The 30 km walk was the toughest training activity so far. Wookie said that he completed it in 2 hours. He was so drained out that he could not recall anything by the time he went to bed at 10pm.
6. Yoo mentioned that Wookie is his senior in acting as Wookie's first debut was "School". Kim Jae Won was also in that drama. He is same age with Wookie and they also met again in 2003's "Land of Wine".
7. Yoo and Wookie met before only in the gym but never got the chance to work together.
8. Wookie requested a song by Park JY. While listening to the song, Yoo asked if Wookie was ok and he said that he missed his mom. (How sweet!!!)
9. Yoo asked if Wookie ever encountered any sleepless nights while in the training centre. Yoo said once, he couldn't sleep for the whole week and kept questioning himself, why he was there... Wookie answered yes. He also had this thinking before.
10. Yoo added there are also times when he hears negative and unpleasant remarks. And he has to calm down and avoid getting angry. Wookie agreed and said that one has to behave more cautiously but luckily his team-mates have been friendly to him. He is aware that one extra off day after 100 days in service is granted to merit NSmen.
11. Wookie requested another song, " The First Time I Kissed" by Extreme.
12. Wookie said that he was given the nickname of Captain by members of one of his fan clubs. Its members are called crew members. Members from Café also sent some daily necessities to him and his team-mates. He felt thankful to them for being considerate to his team-mates. He felt happy when he received them for the 1st time but got fed up when received for the 2nd time ( he was joking ). He thanked his fans and urged them to stay happy too.
13. Wookie said that he is amazed that he also has fans in the camp.
14. Wookie's message to his fans: " Hmm's been slightly more than a month since i became a NSman. I still have one year and 9 months to go ... I will work hard and live well. I will also serve my term whole heartedly. I will work even harder to fulfill my army duties. As for my fans, thanks for waiting for me patiently ... please continue waiting for me with more patience. Please live well too. I might be seeing you on air or on tv a bit later. I'm looking forward to that. " ( Wookie I'll wait for you!!!!!!!!)

By the way, Wookie will be discharge on June 20, 2011!!!!!!!!


wookified said...

is it true that Wookie will be out of the military by June 20, 2011? i'm so excited! i hope he comes back healthy, happy and strong! ^^

chill said...

Wookie entered military around august i think he'll be out on august 2011.

wookified said...

does anyone know like the exaxt date? i plan to go to korea next year to see him... @chill if you get some info i hope you can share it.. thanks! :)

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