Friday, September 30, 2011

Me2Day in English

I just found out that this afternoon that Korea's own version of Twitter, Me2Day, has an english version already! Yehey! I've always wanted to register in Me2Day but I couldn't because everything was in hangeul..but not anymore!!!!! I signed up immediately and posted on Lee Dong Wook's page! haha Finally, I got to send him my message!!! Really cool!

If you wanna join me2day, just visit this site: Me2Day
Check out my first post to Oppa Wookie! haha My First Post ( I hope he reads my post! It's easy to find actually because it's in english.)
Lee Dong Wook's me2day: Actor_Wook


Anonymous said...

How do you get the Korean idol's posts to show up in English? O__o Rather than Hangul....

snw said...

I use the online translator for that..but it sucks! haha I just rely on soompi for the english translation. Hopefully me2day will have a feature someday..where we can just copy/paste the entry and it'll just translate it to english.

Anonymous said...

i'm new to this me2day things.. although it's an english version, i really5 still don't understand how its works.. huhu.. btw, if we add friends and then that friends accepted our friend request, then the message below the notifications is a new message or it has been set up? ermm.. do you understand what i'm trying to say? hee.. so confused.. hihi..

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