Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lee Dong Wook's Directorial Debut

I read about Lee Dong Wook's directorial debut 2 months ago ( from dramabeans) but I never got to see his work until now. Before his military enlistment, Oppa Wookie was able to direct a music video for the song, Dandelion, the first single of a new korean singer, Zozo. His friend, korean singer KCM, asked him to be the director of the music video. He did it for free and not only that, he also played the part of a high school student in the music video.

I remember Oppa Wookie mentioning his intentions of working behind the camera someday in his interviews. So I'm so glad that he was able to have his directorial debut before his enlistment. It's also refreshing to see him play the role of a high school student. It seems that he doesn't age at all! :)

Check out the music video:

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