Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Korean Loveteam in Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash

I think it's an illness in our Filipino culture. We, Filipinos, love to pair-up people in Pinoy Big Brother....JACIA (James and Tricia), BRETZIE (Brett and Fretzie), JAVON (James and Devon), JAMLI (James and Ann), TRIVAN (Tricia and Ivan), JAMZIE (James and Fretzie), VANZIE ( Ivan and Fretzie) and RYJEN (Ryan and Jenny). And among these pair-ups my fave is the RYJEN or KIMBANG tandem because they're cute and funny. Their love-hate relationship is so natural... Ryan Bang and Jenny Kim deny that they like each other that's why their relationship is exciting to watch. :)

Jenny is one of the nominees for eviction this week. Let's all save Jenny for the sake of the KIMBANG loveteam! ha!ha!

Text BBS JENNY to 2331 for globe,TM, Sun or 231 for smart, TNT

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Chie Wilks said...

hello, thanks for visiting my blog...i love KIMBANG too....they are cute...kakatuwa panoorin itong mga ito

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