Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong's Really Coming!!!!!!!!!!

I just realized that GMA will be the official TV network that will be covering the visit of UKISS, Beast and Kim Hyun Joong. I was actually hoping that I'd see them in ASAP. Party Pilipinas is soooo boring. I don't even know most of their artists there! :(

Here's Kim Hyun Joong's short invitation to his Filipino fans! :)

credit: Triple S Philippines

And since Oppa Joongie's concert will be covered by GMA, they really had to include their own wanna-be-like-korean-pop-group, POP GIRLS and XLR8. Wise decision! ha!ha!

By the way, I also just found out that the UKISS concert was moved from May 29 to June14.


aprilstar said...

I'm in the US right now and impossible for me to go home this June so please give Hyun joong my hug and heartfelt kisses when you see him in Manila. Make him enjoy his stay there.

Mabuhay Hyun Joong !


ohh noo!!

i really want to watch this concert..
sayang talaga...

and also bakit ba kasi mag isa lang si kim hyun joong..

sana din dapat 3 mnths before the even eh nalaman na natin dba??

i wanna see KIM Hyun Joong talaga...

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