Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wonder Girls' US TV Debut

The original Wonder Girls made their first US TV appearance at the Wendy Williams Show ( sino siya? ha!ha!). Of course I like Wonder Girls more than SNSD but I was surprised by the standing ovation..ha!ha! Was their performance worthy of a standing ovation????? Duhhh!


Abby Quijano said...

thank you for following me, im doing the same thing for you now.

anyway i wonder who the wonder girls are?

supermunchee said...

Wonder Girls ---

Min Sunye
Park Ye Eun
Sun Mi
Ahn Sohee
Kim Yoo Bin

Jackie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Ha-ha. "Nobody" is like the theme song where I work.

I'm following you from now on. Hope you don't mind.

yhan02ph said...

thanks for visiting..spin

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