Monday, July 20, 2009

Wonder Girls' NOBODY (Philippine Version)

I just found out from my fellow PEX ullzang, gracielle, that the Philippines also has two versions of the Wonder Girls' Nobody. One performed by celebrities in ABS-CBN's ASAP and the other one performed by the SOP girls from the rival station, GMA 7.

My rants and raves:
1. I appreciated the Korean Wonder Girls after I saw the 2 Philippine versions! ha!ha!

2. Now I understand the lyrics of the English version of NOBODY! ( of course, as expected, English pronunciation is much better in our country). I think everyone will agree that So Hee of the Wonder Girls seems to be speaking in Korean even though she is already singing the English version... huwaattt???? ha!ha!

3. I like the get-up of the ASAP girls but the microphone was too high for them.

4. SOP girls were overcrowded. They're copying the Wonder Girls so there should be 5 GIRLS ONLY!!!!! Perhaps they should mimic also SNSD so that they can all include the girls in SOP next time! ha!ha!



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