Sunday, July 19, 2009

Korean Dramas Ate My Brain

I came across an article in the Philippine Star today entitled " Korean Dramas Ate My Brain" by Scott Garceau. Of course, I immediately read it because it's true...KOREAN DRAMAS ATE MY BRAIN! ha!ha!

I'll just share with you a few excerpts from the article...if you want the whole thing, just buy the newspaper or order a breakfast meal today from Jollibee so that you can get a free Phil Star newspaper! ha!ha!

1. You've heard of stories. You probably have one living under your own roof, though it's something you've all come to chuckle over, shaking your head and trying to keep the person's condition hidden from guests and strangers.Though there's really no shame in K-drama addiction. Unfortunately, there's no known cure....

2. It's pretty easy to spot someone whose brain has been snatched by Korean dramas. If a person in question stares at a laptop or TV screen 6 hours a day, endlessly viewing pirated DVDs of badly subtitled soap operas, then insists on sharing the plot with you, this is a warning sign. ha!ha! (Actually I can watch k-series 12 hours straight if it's super interesting...)

3.At home, their interest even shifts to creating scrapbooks or online shrines devoted to favored korean actors...(I'm guilty!)


Golden said...

Haha! Funny sis. I'm also guilty of loving Korean dramas. I'm currently watching Coffee Prince. I'm almost finished. They can't blame us though for loving Korean series. I just love their plot. How I wish Philippine TV series are like theirs. Anyway, Happy Sunday! *hugs*

Lots of love,

Ms.CandyBlush said...

Haha, ang kulit naman LOL. Korean dramas stop eating my brain because I dont do that na, hahaha!

gHeRa said...

haha! my guilty! ahaha!! but i definitely agree w/ all that is written.. haha.. funny but that's how KOREAN drama series captured Filipinos heart and mind.
honestly, i wanna watched other korean series w/c are great like BOF, princess hours, my girl...and all!

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