Sunday, July 19, 2009

SNSD's Tell Me Your Wish

SNSD (So Neo Shi Dae) recently released their new song, Tell Me Your Wish (Genie). They were originally accused of plagiarism because a Uzbekistan singer, Dineyra, already released a single entitled, Ruqsga Tushgin, which was similar to the SNSD song. It was later confirmed that SNSD's company, SM Entertainment, bought the rights to the song, “Tell Me Your Wish”, from Universal Music Publishing group. -seoulbeats

Here's one of SNSD's performances of "Tell Me Your Wish". Check out the girl (they're so many I can't remember their names)on the left side of the screen around 0:18...she was so into her dancing that her shoes came off...ha!ha!

And another shoe-losing incident during the Mud Festival. Watch at 2:09! ha!ha!

By the way, here's the unauthorized music video of Ruqsga Tushigin (Genie)

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Golden said...

Haha! That is really funny. Probably those shoes aren't really hers?

By the way dearie, thanks for commenting on my site.

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