Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MinHo and Yuri Dance at 2012 SBS Drama Awards

The first time I saw the news of Yuri (SNSD) and  MinHo's (Shinee) dance performance in twitter, I immediately browse youtube if there's already a video upload. All I can say is WOW! Wow for Yuri's dress which was so sexy and her make-up too was nice. She was perfect. First time I saw the video, my first impression was that their performance was like watching a mediocre version of  the dance performances of "So You Think You Can Dance". Even the dance steps, I've seen them already in SYTYCD. Second time I watched the dance, I began to appreciate it. Yes, there were times when their movements weren't as precise as I wanted them to be... when they would wobble a little bit.. but I realized they were more of singers and not dancers. I commend them for pulling off such a complicated dance number. Yuri and Minho's posture was good and they were graceful too. I didn't even see a hint of nervousness in their faces. Actually their dance number reminded me of an article about korean idols. They say korean idols are trained to be total performers. Talent scouts get them at an early age and train them so that when these stars enter the entertainment scene, they know how to sing, dance and act. Now I know it's true.

Check out MinHo and Yuri's performance:

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Anonymous said...

thanks for a balanced opinion. so many well known kpop website gave them a "flawless" while some netizens are critizing them to the point of saying it made them cringe.
i was expecting a lot when i saw the title Minho dancing ballroom, but just like you after watching it several times I came to appreciate it. and even appreciating it more considering that he had to non stop learn several dance all at once for the non stop end of year performances. Minho Fighting !

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