Saturday, February 9, 2013

Seoul Invasion Concert Postponed To March 22

I checked out last week and I found out that Seoul Invasion Concert was postponed to March 22. I thought at first that the concert was cancelled because I couldn't find it in the list of concerts at the website but when I scrolled down the page, I found out that it was moved to a later date. I actually noticed that the concert had poor ticket sales  even days before it was postponed. Organizers even had discount promos to increase ticket sales. 

Here are my reasons why this concert has poor ticket sales:
1. Kpop music is not that big in the Philippines. To be able to have a concert here, the kpop groups should have established their name in Korea and other Asian countries. They must have a  number of hit songs too. Take for example, 2PM. 2PM has a number of hit songs already since their debut. I bought my ticket on the first day of ticket sales because I knew that 2PM was a popular group. I wasn't actually sure of the number of fans here in the Philippines so I didn't take the risk of buying a ticket on a later date. I knew that in Korea, concert tickets get sold out a few minutes after ticket sales begin. But unlike what I expected, there are still a lot of tickets available at smtickets until now. So what am I driving at? Well, if 2PM, a popular korean boy group, has a hard time with ticket sales, then it would be harder for the other rookie k pop groups to sell their tickets.

2. Most of kpop fans are students, They have access to internet and rave over their fave kpop group online. But they don't have the spending money to buy concert tickets to see their precious oppas perform live.

3. Concert announcements come in late. I found out about the 2PM concert last January and the ticket sales started after only two weeks.I think the fans should be given ample time to prepare financially! :)

4. Lack of promotion. I only learned about Seoul Invasion concert while I was browsing smtickets. TAHITI guested in 2 local TV shows while they were here in Manila last December. How come they never promoted their concert which was originally set this February? 

Anyway, I hope ticket sales will go up now that organizers announced that their will be another kpop group who will be joining the concert this March. I hope it would be a more popular kpop group this time because it would be a total waste of money or investment in their part if they add a group but still ticket sales will be slow.

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