Monday, February 11, 2013

One Day Korean Escapade in Manila

Manila Korean Times just released a promo poster for a concert (I think) this May 2013 entitled 'One Day Korean Escapade in Manila'. Looks like there'll be 3 korean k-pop groups who'll be joining this event judging from the poster released. By looking at the silhoutte, k-pop fans have already guessed the two groups. 

The group at the center is A.Cian.

The group at the right side is C-Clown.

Now I'm trying to find out the name of the 5-member group at the left side of the poster! Can you guess who they are?


JungHyunHee said...

sana naman mura lang ticket ..!! gusto ko makita yung C-CLOWN!! T.K and KJun!!

ByungiesOnly said...

The last group is BIGSTAR :)

Anonymous said...

cguro Nu'est???! ahhhhhhhh sana namn mura lang taLaga yan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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