Friday, January 4, 2013

Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo Dating

It's nice to hear news of celebrity couples dating but this one has really bad timing! It's nice to be in-love and date someone but how come Oh Yeon Seo let herself get caught??? I think it's considered a mortal sin if you are in a reality show like "We Got Married" and you get caught dating someone other than your make-believe husband or wife. We Got Married's purpose is to thrill viewers that the couple they see on-screen are actual couples in real life. Yeah! I know it's make-believe but if viewers don't see any proof of them dating others then there's a chance that their fave couple can be together.

Now everyone one is waiting on what will become of Lee Joon and Yeon Seo's marriage. In my opinion, I think it's useless to go on with the show and  let Yeon Seo pretend to like Lee Joon when in fact, she's dating Jang Woo. I know it's too much to ask but Yeon Seo should have been more careful. If there weren't any incriminating photos, at least, the viewers didn't have proof that she was just faking the whole thing.

I actually feel a little bad but because their team-up is getting interesting. KangYoon couple is getting boring. SunHee couple is sometimes too loud so the JoonSeo couple balances the whole show. 

How I wish it was KHUNTORIA who's caught dating for real! :)

youtube credit: CAPANIZEHD3xZaMak

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