Monday, January 7, 2013

Dakota Wants To Meet G-Dragon

Wow! Dakota Fanning wants to meet G-Dragon! I super love Dakota so I was thrilled when I found out that  she likes kpop too. According to allkpop, YG Entertainment  said that they were informed thru a korean agency that Dakota wanted to meet G-Dragon. But Dakota's representatives said that the rumors are false. Dakota never called up G-Dragon and Dakota's side never called up G-Dragon's side. So who the h*ll spread that rumor??? haha

Anyway, it's a big boost to G-Dragon and Big Bang because everyone is talking about it! And if ever Dakota and G-Dragon hook up, it's fine by me. I love Dakota! But what will happen to Dara Park? Should I  pair her now to Taeyang or TOP? ^^

Fan vid: Dakota and Elle's arrival at Incheon last January5 -

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