Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CN Blue Concert in Manila

2013 is really a kpop-filled year in Manila. Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert (SNSD, EXO, Ukiss, Infinite, Tasty and Tahiti) in January. Seoul Invasion (Tahiti, A-Prince, Excite, Mellow:D, and Delight) and PSY in February. 2PM in March. And now... CN Blue will also have a concert in Manila! Wow! Sooo daebakkkk!    Looks like Pulp Live Productions will be the one bringing the boys to Manila. They are the same group behind Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert. For updates, check out Happee Sy's twitter. :)

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Joy Lim said...

Hi! is this confirmed? Kailan kaya? Thanks :D

snw said...

Hi JOY! Check Happee Sy's twitter - there'll be a CN BLue solo concert and Pulp Live will be the one to organize the event. I read somewhere it's gonna be on June ata.

Jason said...

yes confirmed na po yan see full details click here

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