Friday, November 2, 2012

World Date With Shinee II

Have you been following KBS World TV @ twitter??? Lately they've been tweeting behind-the-scene pictures of World Date With Shinee! These girls are super lucky! They got to have a super grand vacation in South Korea for free and not only that... they got to spend it with their idols, JongHyun and Key. Check out Filipina celebrity, Jessy Mendiola, with Shinee fan girls in this picture HERE

You can also follow Jessy Mendiola @ twitter and read her tweets regarding her korean trip. She even posted a picture of herself wearing Hanbok!  

Jessy posted a picture with NS YooJi. And since there's a gazillion of korean celebrities around, I had to resort to google and youtube just to find out about her. It turns out she's a korean pop singer who debuted in 2009. Her current single is  "If You Love Me" with Jay Park. I later remembered reading an article about her  dating Jay Park ( former 2PM member) because of the selca pic circulating in the internet. But I think it was just for promotions only. Korean celebrities love doing that to create a buzz in cyberspace. 

Check out " If You Love Me" by NS YooJi feat Jay Park:

"If You Love Me" Music Video:

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