Thursday, November 1, 2012


The only reason I watched Hyuna's latest music video, Ice Cream, was that PSY had a guest appearance in it. I didn't like the song initially. The music video was like the typical kpop music videos with the usual weird, colorful, outrageous outfits (that I wouldn't dare to wear) and dance moves. And again, like in Bubble Pop MV, Hyuna tries to be sexy in this video...SISTAR is sexy but Hyuna?  Isn't it more sl*tty than sexy??? 

The music video has 19,468,781 views right now in youtube. It was even included in Huffingtonpost's Top 9 Youtube Videos this week. I think that will be a big boost to Hyuna in the coming weeks because readers will be curious about her music video. I actually watched the video again after I read that article. And lo and behold, I actually liked the song after watching it again the second time! haha It's like PSY's Gangnam Style. You have to listen to it again and again and the song will be stuck in your head forever! ^^

By the way, the melody of the song chorus ( check out 1:49)  reminds me of Girls Generation's " Bring The Boys Out".

Official Music Video:

Ofcourse, I had to find out what the heck she's talking about in her song. Good thing I saw this music video with English translation. Check it out!

" ...I'm like sweet ice cream. I'll melt you...
Fresh ice cream cream cream cream...
Chocolate ice cream like my dark skin.. (huh? Hyuna you don't have dark skin! Just sayin'... ^^)
Sweet ice cream cream cream cream..."

Music Video with English Translation: 

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