Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xiah Junsu Signed a No-Marriage Contract

Talk about creativity!!!! I just read at POPSEOUL (source: Baidu) that a fan tricked DBSK's Xiah Junsu into signing a no-marriage contract! You go girl! ha!ha! Apparently, the fan made a contract banning the singer from getting married for a certain period of time.She brought it in a fansigning event and Junsu without reading the note, signed it! He should learn from Angelina Jolie. I remember watching the actress in one of those youtube clips refusing to sign a blank paper handed to her by a fan. I think that's a smart move because the fan might actually write something on the blank paper and make it appear that she signed a contract.

I'll give this Junsu fan "the most creative" award for the year 2010! But I think she should have made a marriage contract between her and Junsu instead!!!!! I wonder why other fans haven't thought of this before......ha!ha!

the much-talked-about contract!

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