Sunday, May 9, 2010

Koreans in Pinoy Big Brother

The Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition this year is pretty interesting to watch because of its foreign housemates. The Pinoy housemates live in the villa while the foreign housemates live in the apartment. Big Brother gives them a task or game each week and they compete against each other for a prize. Of the 10 teenternational housemates, 5 are koreans. At first I was kinda disappointed because I was expecting the guys to look like my fave korean celebrity crushes! ha!ha! But anyway, despite their inadequacies, I've learn to love them.

One particular housemate that stands out from the rest is Ryan (Bang Hyun Sung). He's such a funny guy! From the moment he was first introduced, he immediately captured the hearts of the viewers.( He has even become one of the fave housemates in online forums that I visit!) Probably he's just that talkative and good-natured that every time he's asked a question, you'll expect a barrage of answers. And what is so endearing about him is that he doesn't care less if he mispronounces a word or his grammar is incorrect. He just blurts out everything that comes to his mind.

This week the Pinoy housemates and the teenternational housemates were given a task to make their own intepretation of a song designated by Big Brother and make a music video out of it. The Pinoy housemates were given a korean song ( forgot the title) while the teenternational housemates were given the song " Butchikik". The viewers are given the chance to vote (thru text) which one is better. If the teenternational housemates win, one of them will have the chance to be a finalist in this edition.

I personally prefer the music video of the teenternational housemates. Their video is obviously more creative and fun. I'm hoping they'll win this task!

Check out their music video and see for yourself!

Help them win by text voting!
To vote for Apartment's Music Video (teenternational)
Text BBPOLL A send to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular & Bayan Phone Extra subscribers
& 231 for Smart & TalkNText subscribers

Here are the the 5 korean housemates:



Check out their profile here!

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