Sunday, March 28, 2010

XLR8: Get A Taste of Pinoy Pop Music


Since boy groups like Super Junior, Big Bang, FT Island and TVXQ are popular these days, the Philippines has come up with its new boy group named XLR8. The group is composed of Francis Ramos, Carlo Lazerna, Hideaki Torio, Caleb Santos, Arkin Del Rosario, Melmar Magno, Meljohn Magno and Adrian Muhlach. When they were featured in the Philippine Star, the first thing that came to my mind was that some of them looked korean!!! ha!ha! Actually, their look - the way they are being dressed and their hairstyles look like that of the popular korean pop groups these days.

Check out their latest single, You're So Hot! Honestly, it sounds like Super Junior's SORRY SORRY! Anyway, despite this, I got to commend their management for coming up with this boy group. Kudos for their efforts. Their music really sounds like k-pop even mixing English and Tagalog lyrics in the song. I do hope they do well in the local scene probably in Asia as well.

What do you think guys? Will they make it?

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