Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cougar Is In: Oh My Lady & Personal Taste

Yup! I think I'm back to my good old days...watching korean series again! ha!ha!
Two new series have caught my attention so far...

Oh My Lady

1. Oh My Lady - It stars Chae Rim ( from my fave Dalja's Spring) and Choi Si Won ( a member of the famous korean boy group, Super Junior). I must admit that even if I'm aware of the existence of Super Junior and I've watch my fave Sorry Sorry music video for a zillion times now, I really haven't noticed Choi Si Won until I watched the first episode of Oh My Lady. ha!ha! I guess there are just a lot of guys in the group that I failed to notice him. Anyway, after that, I immediately watched again SJ's music videos just to see Si Won. It's like watching the videos for the first time! ha!ha!
As for the series, the first episode was so interesting and funny that I think I'm gonna get hooked with this one till the end. I'm also actually curious if love with blossom from these two people since Chae Rim plays a 35-year old divorced mother and Si Won plays a twenty-something Korean celebrity.

Oh My Lady Trailer

Personal Taste

2. Personal Taste - This is Lee Min Ho's comeback series after his successful portrayal of Goo Joon Pyo in Boys Over Flowers. He stars with pretty Son Ye Jin (from Summer Scent and The Classic). MinHo portrays Jeon Jin Ho who is a straight guy who pretends to be gay to become a roommate to his female friend (Ye Jin). The cast already had their press conference and I'm looking forward to this series because it's another interesting tandem (like Oh My Lady)--- girl falls in love with a younger guy! :)

Personal Taste Trailer


Anonymous said...

The actress here, who plays the leading lady of Lee Min Ho in Personal Taste, i don't think looks the same age of Lee Min HO, he is 22 years old, his partner
is almost thirty right! What's this TV series, younger brother and older
sister romance! Nge! Where's the chemistry?

Anonymous said...

I think this TV series,PERSONAL TASTE, is May-December affair or romance, the actor really looks younger and the actress really looks older!

chill said...

Son Ye Jin is five years older than Lee Min Ho. She was born January 11, 1982 (28yrs old) while Min Ho was born June 22, 1987 (23 years old).
She was made to look a lot older than MinHo in the series. I actually think she looks like an ajummah (aunt on her late 30's) than a noona! ha!ha!

Anonymous said...

I've watched Personal Taste & I love it!!!

In the show, Ye Jin actually looks pretty young - so she & Min Ho make a cute couple..

I find dat tis show has substance - stands out from other shows I've watched so far =)

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