Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sang Hyun of MBLAQ Speaks Tagalog

Sandara Park's brother Sang Hyun (Thunder) of MBLAQ was heard speaking in Tagalog when he was interviewed in a Korean radio program, Starry Radio. He really speaks Tagalog well!!! His group sang their debut single, Good Love, and they were interviewed afterwards. Watch him speak Tagalog at 8:15. I hope I can get the English translation of this particular video clip.


Anonymous said...

he said that..
im park sang hyun..
where MBLAQ d new group n korea
hope dat u will support us..
and I LOVE YOU ALL.. :)

ikay ricalde said...

park sang hun said:

long live good evening to all of you i am chon dung and we are MBLAQ d new group in korea hope u will support us always and i love you all....i am a filipino so i know that... >_<

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