Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Pre-Enlistment Wookie Pics

Because I love Wookie so much...I can't help but post these pics...
More pics can be seen at Wookie's soompi thread. Credit goes to for their Wookie coverage! ha!ha! I hope they have an english version of their website so that I can at least understand what they're talking about.

Really love that smile!

I'm lovin' those lips that I want to kiss! Mwahhhh!!!!

Wow...Are those first aid kits from fans? ha!ha! Anyway, come to think of it, Wookie's really accident prone so it was a good thing that they gave him those kits. AND are those choco pies??? Hmmm.... they probably don't want him to collapse due to hypoglycemia during his military training!!! And who are those people in the drawings??? I guess if I were there too I would have given Wookie a huge picture of myself so that he won't forget me! ha!ha!

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