Friday, April 24, 2009

Lee Minho in Australia

credit: mewific of PEx

Lee Minho got a nice surprise when he arrived in Sydney today. He was greeted by his screaming fans (who have probably seen Boys Over Flowers online) who came to the airport early in the morning to see a glimpse of him. According to my fellow PEx ullzang, Mewific, it seemed that he wasn't prepared by the welcome because he was covering his mouth the whole time ( oppa, have you forgotten to brush your teeth or put on lipgloss? it's okay... i still love you! ha!ha!) and he also didn't have any security. His company also just rode a taxi to their hotel.


Style and Relax said...

Oh he is in Australia? :D

Cute hat but he looks super shy with his mouth covered x.x sayang!

Anonymous said... did people know he was coming???

supermunchee said...

through the online forums...
Minho and HyeSun will be going to Taiwan soon for Boys Over Flowers promotions.

Anonymous said...

Ouuu.....Min Hoo..
Did came to Australia?well..when?
I didn't kmow that
Um...watever gone is gone
He look like shy in this
situation huh?
I still love you Min Ho..

chill said...

I think MinHo and his manager didn't expect that his fans would welcome him when he arrived in Australia. He didn't have any security agents with him so his fans were able to get close to him. One fan even hugged him from the back and he just didn't move. ha!ha! The fan posted the video in her blog but because jealous fans were bashing her, she took it out. ha!ha!

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