Friday, April 24, 2009

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Henney in a Korean Show

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Henney guested in a korean show called Gold Miss last April 19. I found out about this from my fellow ulzzangs in pinoyexchange forums. The upload still doesn't have any english translation but I just kept on laughing out loud when I saw the show. I think Hugh is really down-to-earth. He really had fun in the show. I loved his reactions to the three lady-hosts who kept on competing for his approval. Daniel, on the other hand, was kinda stiff for me. I think he's too conscious about his actions during the show. Actually, the show was centered more on Hugh so Daniel had to take a back seat for once. :)



Part3: I think this one's the best part!!!


credit to codeanalysis for the upload!

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