Thursday, April 23, 2009

American Idol Season 8: Top 7 – After Disco Night

Adam Lambert –( If I Can’t Have You) - I like it when he slows down but he can’t seem to have a performance without his signature screechy voice! But still, it was more interesting to listen to compared to the other performances.

Allison Iraheta – (Hot Stuff) This was the best performance for me. Disco night was her night.

Anoop Desai – (Dim All The Lights) Anoop’s performance was just ordinary for me. As Simon would have put it …it was forgettable!

Danny Gokey – (September) First of all, I like the song already so I really enjoyed his performance. It wasn’t his best performance but at least with that song, he won’t be leaving any time soon.

Kris Allen – (She Works Hard For The Money) Kris will definitely stay in this competition for awhile. He managed to choose a song and made it his own. With the way he’s performing week after week, I’m wondering now if he can beat Allison, Adam or Danny in the Top 3 slot.

Lil Rounds – (I’m Every Woman) She really doesn’t offer something new every time she performs on stage. Her performance was karaoke. I keep repeating myself every week…THIS GIRL HAS TO BE BOOTED OUT!!!! She actually reminds me of Jasmine Trias of the past AI season…you already want her to go but still people keeps on voting for her. It seems that she has got a lot of solid fans voting for her and I’m scared that Matt will be going home first before Lil!

Matt Giraud – (Staying Alive) I now agree with Simon when he said Matt wasn’t going to win first place in American Idol. I didn’t like his performance. I was disappointed but probably that was the best that he could do.

Still my top 3 for the week are the following: Allison, Adam and Danny.
And the bottom 3 are Lil, Matt and Anoop
Lil should definitely be booted out this week. And as for the other one..I really don't care because if Matt is saved this week, he'll be voted out next week for sure

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