Friday, November 15, 2013

Kdrama: You're The Best Lee Soon Shin - IU and Jo Jung Suk

I wrote before that I don't like IU that much but watching her series, You're The Best Lee Soon Shin, made me change my mind....

The series has 50 episodes but the story is interesting enough for my mom to watch it from start to finish. My mom has the tendency to watch the first few episodes of a series then watch the last episode if the series gets boring. So for her to watch it one after the other is an indication that the series is good.

Jo Jung Suk also makes the series worth watching. I first noticed him in Lee Seung Gi's King 2 Hearts but now he plays the leading man.  For me, this series catapulted him to "Oppa Level"! I won't ever forget him now and I finally remember his name too! :)

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