Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kdrama: HEIRS - Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye ( Ep 1-4)

I wanted to watch HEIRS after it ends in Korea but I ended up watching it the other day. It's the typical rich-boy-meets-poor-girl korean TV drama but still I got hooked.  I was skeptical at first about the team-up but now I'm happy that Park Shin Hye was paired with Lee Min Ho. I love Shin Hye's acting. Min Ho is extra cute here. I loved him in Boys Over Flowers. After that, I slowly lost interest in him... but now, he's back ... making me all giddy and excited again like a high schooler! :)

I've already watched the first 8 episodes and so far I've seen a couple of memorable scenes that make this series worth watching.

1.  Episode 1:  A dreamcatcher catches the eye of  Chan Eun Sang (Shin Hye). Later in the series, she will give this to Kim Tan (Min Ho).

2. Episode 2: Kim Tan watches Eun Sang from the balcony. (I think this was the time when he started to like her already.)

3. Episode 3: Most Korean dramas have amazing cinematography... and this one is definitely one of those! Daebakk!

Lee Min Ho has really mastered the art of staring!!! :)  How can Eun Sang eat when Kim Tan kept staring at her????? ^^

How can Eun Sang be so lucky??? She falls from her stool and as expected, Kim Tan catches her!

Eun Sang falls asleep and Kim Tan is again mesmerized by her... and there goes his killer stare again! :)

4. Episode 4: Love this screen shot of Kim Tan while he was putting the dreamcatcher on his window.

Another nice scene.. Eun Sang is in the garden while Kim Tan is looking out from his window. Both are still unaware that they are in the same place.

Check out the series in DramaSBS - Official youtube channel

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