Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 2PM LIVE TOUR in Manila "What Time Is It" Fan Event

I was excited when I saw this tweet from Hoopla Inc... Wow! A 2PM Meet and Greet! I read about this fan meet even before the date of the ticket sales started. I was hoping that I'll get a chance to be included  since I was going to watch the concert. So I was pretty much disappointed....angry... depressed... when I read Hoopla Inc's mechanics for this fan event which was just released today, February 1.

OMG! How can Hoopla Inc be so cruel? It's so unfair? Why include only the online ticket buyers? And if that was their plan, how come they didn't tell the fans before the ticket sales started? The amount I paid for my ticket is the same as the ticket price sold online. I didn't have any discount when I paid for it. I even bought my ticket on the first day of ticket sales. So how come they prefer online ticket buyers only??? UNFAIR! UNFAIR! UNFAIR! :(

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