Monday, January 21, 2013


TAHITI is a  new korean girl group under Dream Star Entertainment. The group is composed of 6 members -  Minjae, Jisu, Jung Bin, Miso, Jin and Ari. Since their 2012 debut, they already have 2 digital singles released, Tonight and Hasta Luego. I actually don't know who they are until the list of kpop groups included in the recently held Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert (DKFC) was released.

TAHITI arrived in Manila days before the concert and the group is the last one to leave the country for Korea after the DKFC. I had to commend their management for doing that. Since they're still rookies, at least, they were able to visit the local radio stations and TV shows to promote their group. I actually wasn't interested in them until I saw their performance. Now I'm actually liking their 2 songs. :)

Here's a fan video of TAHITI's performance in ASAP ( All-Star Sunday Afternoon Party) - a Sunday variety show in  the Philippines. 

credit: KrAeYeon 

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