Monday, October 1, 2012

We Got Married: Khuntoria

Finally, I was able to watch WGM Khuntoria! And I loved it to bits!!! I got bored waiting for the next episode of WGM Kangyoon so I decided to watch Khuntoria because I remembered reading about this couple in many korean blogs and forums. Oh my God! I can honestly say... Nichkhun... you had me at We Got Married!!!! After watching him in WGM, I see him in a differently light now... even 2PM! ^^ There's something about this couple which makes me excited... I get tickled pink every time I see Nichkhun smile at Victoria. Their awkwardness infront of the camera reminds me of the typical couples I see in korean dramas. They remind me that viewers don't really need to see couples in intimate kinship just to feel feel fuzzy all over! haha Last episode was "daebak"! I cried watching their last few hours together as a virtual couple. Their feelings seem so real to me... I was thinking perhaps there's a real relationship going on between the two... OR perhaps they're just good actors and I just got duped big time! ^^ Anyway, real or unreal, Oppa Khunnie, you have captured my heart! ♥ ‏I SEE YOU! I SEE YOU NOW!!! Saranghae! And I'm even following you on twitter! :)

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