Monday, October 8, 2012

K-Pop Fantasy Concert 2013

I really never took interest in this Kpop Fantasy Concert until I discovered Nichkhun! ^^ Before Nichkhun, I was only interested in watching Shinhwa perform... but now I'm so excited to watch 2PM live too!

My friend informed me about this concert which will be a gathering of the hottest kpop groups around.. it's like ASAP but with korean idols! Yey! Compared to other Asian countries, korean pop groups seldom visit the country for concerts or fan meetings so this is really a fantasy concert! The concert will be held at MOA Open Grounds on January 2013. The idol groups that have confirmed so far are: SNSD, UKISS, Infinite, EXO K &M, Tahiti and Tasty. Honestly speaking, I only know SNSD and UKISS from this list.

I'm hoping and praying 2PM will join too because Nichkhun is the only reason why I will shell out big bucks!!! MY friend is waiting for CNBlue's confirmation too! Other blogs have mentioned them in the line-up... so I'm just waiting here anxiously for good news... anyway, it's supposed to be a fantasy/dream concert right? so 2PM should be there too!!! :)

It was also previously reported that it will be held in MOA Arena... and now it's the MOA Open Grounds???!!! My God! I can just image the crowd for this one. Only 2PM will convince me to watch it. Check out this blog for more info.

I'm still looking for the official website for this fantasy concert but according to a number of blogs that I've read, this is the tentative price for the tickets just so you won't be spending too much this Christmas if you want to watch the concert! ^^

VIP: P15,000- 20,000 Lower Box: P8,000 Upper Box: P 5,500 General Admission: P3,500

Just look at this line-up from a concert in US last Aug2012 ...2PM, 2AM, SNSD, CNBlue, Sistar, Kara, Shinee, MBLAQ and Secret. If these guys are all performing in one concert here in Manila, I'll be one of those fans who'll buy the ticket ASAP!

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Anonymous said...

Since you were able to search for the updated venue, I am sure you'll be able to look for the updated price. There are no "box" in the open grounds so that tells something :)

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