Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert Update 1

OMG! They have an official website already! Click here. Yey! So cool! Why am I excited? I'm not even gonna watch it..  ^^

Those who are dead set on watching the concert should really attend the pre-event on October 14 because according to the organizers there will be a 20% discount on tickets worth P6000 and below. ^^

Click here to see the stage layout. I think it would be fun to be in the Super VIP section. :)

And there'll be a dance contest also! Whoever wins will have a chance to open for her fave kpop group!

Here's the final list of ticket prices:

VIP Standing - P 11,370
VIP Diamond Elevated Seated P 11,370
Platinum - P9,310
Gold - P6,210
Silver - P3,110
Bronze - P1,040

By the way, FAQS section of the website is hilarious! Winner! haha Check it out here!

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