Sunday, September 16, 2012

We Got Married: KangYoon Couple

I always say that it takes only one drama/movie/show for me to fall in-love with a korean celebrity. Just like Lee Dong Wook in My Girl... Eric Mun in Spy Myung Wol... Hyun Bin in Snow Queen... Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince ... Julien Kang made me fall in-love with him in We Got Married.

KangYoon Episode 2:

I definitely fell for Julien Kang in Episode2! Aside from the fact that he's such an eye-candy.... He's also fluent in English, Korean and French! OMG! (No need to pretend that I can understand and speak korean in my dreams when my Oppa already understands English! haha ) He has got this killer smile. And his confidence is like a breath of fresh air in korean TV. No more cute korean guys pretending to be conservative when they are actually not... haha

So what's with Episode 2 that makes me so giddy like a high-schooler???

It was the scene when Julien decided to call Se Ah "Cheri / Cherry" (Sweetheart). OMG! When I heard him say " Cheri- ahhh" , I melted! His voice was sooo sweet.. so husky... so deep... so sexy! Can you just imagine yourself being called Cheri by Julien? OMG! OMG! OMG! :)Even Se Ah smiled and covered her face when she heard him call her with that nickname! haha

I think Se Ah not being able to speak and understand English very well also makes the couple so cute and endearing. Julien had to correct her a couple of times which was fun to watch. Funny how Julien had 2 grammatical errors in his letter to Se Ah. He initially wrote " thrusting" instead of "trusting"... "will" instead of "we'll". He should have made another one with the corrections! It's actually a big turn off but I forgive him because he's cute and he knows french and korean. Besides Se Ah didn't notice.. and I bet the WGM staff also didn't notice... haha

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