Sunday, May 20, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Top 2

It's now down to two of my fave American Idol contestants this season, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips.Of course, I'm rooting for Jessica Sanchez all because she has Filipino blood and she's a damn good singer. Honestly all American Idol songs in my Ipod were sang by Jessica Sanchez. I especially love her rendition of Stuttering and Sweet Dreams.
There's no doubt that Phillip Phillips is a good singer/musician also. To top it all, he's so cute to watch when he's singing. But if someone were to ask me what album I'll buy, I'll definitely buy Jessica's.
Actually it's so hard to predict who'll be the last one standing. Phillip has all the fangirls voting for him. Jessica, on the other hand, has also the support of Fil-Americans and other Asians.
I wish them all the best. I'm pretty sure both of them will have a record deal after the show ends.

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