Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012! Hello Shinhwa!

Happy New Year everyone! Super excited about 2012! I feel it's gonna be a good year for me... and for Shinhwa... haha It's Shinhwa's comeback year! The group is still waiting for Lee Minwoo's release from military service but starting second half of March, Shinhwa fans will see all 6 members again in a comeback concert. Yehey!

I got interested in Shinhwa after I watched Eric Mun in Spy Myung Wol last perhaps i can say that I'm one of the new generation shinhwa changjos? haha Hands down to all those Shinhwa changjos who've been there for Shinhwa ever since their debut...I don't think I can match their loyalty and fervor to the group... I hope they have space for a newbie fan like me...

Here's a video of Shinhwa's comeback... really cool! I'm all psyched up! :)

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