Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah: Meet and Greet

Lee Dong Wook and Kim Sun Ah recently went to Singapore and Malaysia to promote their series, Scent of A Woman.

Singapore Fanmeet:

Wookie and SunAh performed a duet which I think is one of the best k-duets I've ever seen..haha.. Yup! They were out-of-tune but they were simply adorable and funny! Love it!

credit: liitlemisshoo

Wookie hugs SunAh!

credit: hyukfame

Wookie puts his arm on SunAh's shoulders while walking backstage! Gotcha! :)

credit: hyukfame

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jastinel said...

Thanks for sharing HQ videos I hope U don`t mind, I saved it all for keeps! It`s nice that U met them and had fun in the FM. I wish I can experience the same when they come here in the Philippines.
I love KSA very much and I like Wook as an actor.(jastinel)

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