Monday, November 7, 2011

Lee Dong Wook's Birthday!

Lee Dong Wook's fans got together yesterday for his birthday. Ofcourse, as expected his co-stars of Scent of A Woman were there - Seo Hyorim, Uhm Ki-Joon and Kim SunAh. Sun Ah was sick but she still attended the event. She even made a special video for Wookie which I still haven't seen. Wookie requested not to upload the video but I'm still hoping a fan was able to record it.Why? Because I think international fans should also see it! It's so impossible to go to Korea just to attend the event right? That's so unfair! haha Anyway, I got more giddy and excited when Oppa Wookie sang a song which HE COMPOSED! OMG! According to him, it's for his Scent of A Woman staff...Another OMG! How can he say that when the lyrics of the song starts like this... “Do you still remember the first time we met? Smiling embarrasedly and from time to time our eyes would meet and with much difficulty we would say out “Hi” The only person that crossed my mind was SunAh... In older interviews, he said that at first he felt awkward towards SunAh but eventually they loosened up as time went by. As I said before, I think there's something going on between the two.. You just have to follow their me2day accounts and see their posts! haha Better yet..for SUNWOOK shippers, you really have to visit the Soompi SOAW thread for all the updates and translations! Another great site is DOnnapie's Tumblr!

Only in Korea can you see the actor's name all in glitters posted on the microphone! haha

SunAh posted this in her me2day account... so cute! :)

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