Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lee Dong Wook Shows Off His Body in Scent of A Woman

Lee Dong Wook's "Scent of A Woman" started airing recently and I'm trying to practice self-control by not watching it until the whole series ends. I'd like to watch it continuously, one episode after another, rather than waiting for one whole week for an episode to air. I'd die of anticipation!

Anyway, my dear friend from couchkimchi posted uber delicious pictures of Oppa Wookie in the shower. I googled him this morning and every blog is talking about his body! Seriously try typing Lee Dong Wook in the google search box and you'll see what I mean. I think everyone's pretty amazed by his transformation because he used to be a thin, fair-skinned guy.

Of course, since this blog's origin comes from my love for Wookie, I will not miss this chance by posting Oppa Wookie's yummy pictures here. Enjoy!

These pictures were released during the early part of the series' shooting. I thought that Oppa Wookie's body was more muscular now but still skinny.

But OMG! I saw these today and my jaw dropped! ha!ha! Good work Oppa. Military training has done wonders to your body!

Credit: Nate/Soompi/HanKyung/ Osen

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