Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Secret Garden: Hyun Bin and Ha Ji won

I love Hyun Bin. I fell for him midway of the series, My Name is Kim Sam Soon. But I really fell head-over-heels in love with him in Snow Queen. He has always been on my top 5 list of hottest Korea oppas ever since I've been addicted to Korean series. So I'm ashamed to admit that I really thought that his latest series, Secret Garden, was boring when I first found out about it. First, Hyun Bin was made too thin for the series. (I'm still hooked on his Snow Queen look!) Second, his leading lady was Ha Ji Won which didn't add to my excitement. But then my fellow PEx ullzangs kept on raving about this series that I found myself watching it while waiting for english-subbed episodes of Song Seung Hun's My Princess. Now, after just watching nine episodes of Secret Garden, I can say that this series is a sure winner. I never thought that Oppa Binnie will have a great chemistry with Ha Ji Won. And there's something about the way Oppa Binnie stares at his leading ladies which makes me all giddy like a high schooler. ( No wonder he captured Song Hye Kyo's heart!)

My favorite scene so far, after watching the first half of the series, is the "sit-up" scene!!!!! OMG! I really don't know how Ha Ji Won was able to do the scene without blushing or bursting into giggles when Oppa Binnie stared at her!!!!!!!!!

This is Oppa Binnie's last series before his military enlistment. I'm surely going to miss him.

Here's a youtube compilation of the sweetest moments in Secret Garden. The OST, That Man, was sang by Oppa Binnie! I never thought that he has a great voice too! How can you not fall in love with his guy??? If only he can speak fluent English, he'd be perfect! :)


Anonymous said...

im now in episode 14 and im still BORED to death. im like literally dragging myself to finish it just for the sake of finishing it. i honestly have no idea why so many people love this when it has all the typical cliches of an asian drama love story. and it's all about a fantasy love story. too sugery and syrupy. even city hunter was more interesting than this drama.

Anonymous said...

every people has it's own sense laaa.. be respect on it.. City Hunter also interesting for me, but it might be not for other.. it's all just about sense ^^

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