Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong Takes JOONGBO placard at Changi Airport

Last week, SS501 Leader Kim Hyun Joong went to Singapore for The Face Shop tour. As expected, fans gathered at the Changi airport to catch a glimpse of him. His latest series, Mischievous Kiss, was a big hit overseas so I wasn't surprised when I saw the number of fans who were at the airport. I bet the airport security had a hard time with crowd control.

Judging from the youtube uploads I saw, the fans were pretty tamed for me despite the loud screams from them! ha!ha! If I were there, I would have removed any barricade , stanchions or velvet rope so that I can hug him!!!!!

But what made Oppa Joongie's arrival so special (especially to the JOONGBOers out there!) was that he took a JOONGBO placard from one of his fans who was lined up behind the stanchions . Of all the placards/posters that he saw, why take that specific placard with a big yellow SEGYERO in hangeul written over a collage of JOONGBO PICS?????(note: SEGYERO (To The World) is the famous JoongBo chant -- this is what HwangBo (Buin) & Oppa Joongie (Shillang) shouted on top of Mt Halla!!!) Why? Why? Why oppa???? Is it because Noona HwangBo really has a special place in your heart???? ha!ha! :)

check out this fanvid! (thanks to Ulzzang MsJoelle from PEX for the scoop!)
He took the placard and he even looked at it while inside the car!!!!!!1111

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