Saturday, August 14, 2010

Personal Preference

Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho), a budding architect, wants to get to know more the architecture of Park Kae In's (Son Ye Jin) traditional korean house since it is the focus of his current project. In order to do that, he pretends to be gay and rents a room in Kae In's house. Kae In agrees because of financial problems. Things get complicated when both of them realize that they love each other.

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Jeon Ji Ho: Lee Min Ho
Park Kae In: Son Ye Jin
Episodes: 16
Network: MBC
Broadcast Period: March-May 2010

My thoughts:
I only watched this series just because Lee Min Ho is in it. I first noticed him in Boys Over Flowers when he played the role of Goo Jun Pyo. When the news broke out that he was starring in another series, I thought that no matter how lousy the series was, I would still watch it because of him.

The plot is interesting actually. A handsome straight guy pretends to be gay. Then the guy falls in love with the weird, sloppy, nerdy girl. Of course, there's still the korean series trademark --- the typical "love-square"(Boy A falls in love with Girl A but Girl B also likes Boy A and Boy B likes Girl A) dilemma.

Lee Min Ho looks awkward in some scenes. ..Probably because he's too tall. He looks really lanky with his signature walk (because of his bad knee, I guess...).

I thought the series will tackle a cougar relationship because Son Ye Jin is much older than MinHo in real life. But age wasn't the issue in the series. It was as if both of them were of the same age in the series.

There were a lot of sweet moments in this series (which is not common in korean dramas). My mom even commented that there were a lot of kissing scenes in it! ha!ha!

And lastly, after watching all of the 16 episodes, I've come with up with the conclusion, that LEE MIN HO IS A GOOD KISSER! ha!ha! Watch the series and check out for yourself! You'll know what I mean! ha!ha!

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