Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lee Dong Wook and Lee Junki As Tour Guides (Part1)

It's really sad when a favorite Korean celebrity enters military service. But what's nice about some of them is that they usually join the entertainment unit like Lee Dong Wook and Lee Junki. By joining this special unit, they become more accessible to fans despite their two-year mandatory military training.

Lee Dong Wook, for instance, is a part of a miltary radio program every 6-8pm every Mondays to Saturdays together with Kim Jae Won. Korean fans not only get to listen to his voice every day but also can communicate with him by sending him letters and he, in turn, reads them on air! :)

Recently, Lee Dong Wook and Lee Junki were chosen to be tour guides in a photo exhibit which commemorates the Korean War Anniversary. The exhibit started last June 25 and it will run until August 18. Both of them are assigned every Wednesdays and Sundays. Wookie at 10:30 am and Junki at 12 noon. Fans can actually just register to see both of them up close in person. How cool is that? :)

For those missing Wookie (like me)....Here are some pictures I got from baidu and soompi. I think these picture were taken while they were still preparing for the event.

It's a MY GIRL oppa reunion!!!!!!!!!
Lee Dong Wook and Lee Jun ki together at last! :)

credit: baidu, soompi

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Madamoiselle.C said...

OMG!!!!! The one who is missing now is Lee Da Hae. How i wish three of them would make another drama together. It oughta be AMAZING!!!!!

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