Sunday, July 11, 2010

Charice Back In Korea

I guess for me, Korea's STAR KING really played a big role in making Charice a huge youtube sensation. Her Korean TV exposure which was uploaded in youtube was the reason why people behind the Ellen DeGeneres show noticed her.

She's back in Korea today as part of her 5-country Asian Tour to promote her debut album. Her STAR KING guesting will be taped on June 12 and it will be aired on June 24.

I wonder if she'll see Super Junior again...lucky girl! :)

She was mentioned yesterday in Star King. Check this video:

uploaded by:bitzes08

Here's the translation posted in youtube:
SK just mentioned Charice ...basically, they said that there's a noona (like an older sister) that the child could look up to or there was someone they were reminded of? (not sure), they mentioned Charice who was a guest in the show years before when she was still very young and who got discovered by oprah and now who released an int'l album w/c ranked top 8 in BB 200 (not sure if they said she was the 1st asian to be in top 10 BB)..

Here's the rest of her Asian Tour schedule:
Philippines: July 15-18
Japan: July 19-21
Thailand: July 21-23
Malaysia: July 24-26

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