Saturday, April 24, 2010

Super Junior In Twitter

To all internet junkies, I suggest you register at twitter especially for those celebrity stalkers like me! :) Isn't nice to know what your fave star is thinking or doing every day? It's like the reality show, Big Brother, without the cameras! ha!ha! You can even send them messages and if you're lucky, they'll even answer you back! Just pray that they won't get pissed off and block you right away!

Twitter has been interesting for me lately because 5 members of the korean pop group, Super Junior, have already joined this site. Most of the time they write in Hangul (so I have to rely on fans from cyberworld to tanslate them for me) but there are also few occasions that they would tweet in English and even post pictures.

Here are their REAL twitter accounts:

1. DongHae (donghae861015)

2. SiWon (Choi_SW) Siwon's twitter page is my fave because he always makes a point to post pictures and he tweets in English.

Oppa Siwonie with his "daughter" in the korean series, Oh My Lady!

3. Heechul (Heedictator)
4. ShinDong (ShinsFriends)

5. Sungmin (myblacksmile)

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